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Ōtorohanga District Council - 2016


The Ōtorohanga Kiwi House Master Plan is the result of a collaborative effort by Ōtorohanga District Council and Ōtorohanga Kiwi House, who recognised the immense potential of the Kiwi House as a tourism prospect in New Zealand. Bespoke were engaged to develop concept work that focused on a refreshed arrival sequence and car parking, a new visitor centre and outdoor hub, a Kiwi night zone experience and keeper kitchen, as well as a wider look at facility improvements. The resulting master plan brought a heightened focus on immersive and memorable experiences. The proposed Kiwi night zone experience sends the user on a path which ‘burrows’ into the ground as a Kiwi does to form its nest. Similarly, many of the bird exhibits are proposed to become walk through aviaries, allowing for a truly encompassing experience of bush habitat and native species, and creating opportunities for up close encounters.

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