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Hamilton City Council - 2015


The redevelopment of the Lake Rotokaeo playspace was initiated by Hamilton City Council to transform the existing small playground into a new destination playspace. The site sits on the dramatic water’s edge of Lake Rotokaeo, within the wider context of Minogue Park and with a backdrop of mature native vegetation. A key objective was to create a highly integrated series of forms that tie in naturally with the surrounding landscape and flow down towards the lake edge. The use of curving forms, banks, berms and the connectivity of play equipment help to reinforce this. A wide range of play value is offered throughout with the use of a mix of traditional equipment, more natural / un-programmed features and custom designed play elements. Encircling the playspace is a bike and scooter skills track that provides the opportunity for kids to improve their abilities on a series of rollers, berms and curving path sections. For this project Bespoke worked alongside Hamilton City Council and Park Central.

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