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Auckland Airport - 2013


Created in collaboration with Surface Design Inc, Auckland Airport and key stakeholders, The Esplanade is an experiential pedestrian avenue that forms a prominent landscape link between key airport open spaces and urban plazas. The design framework is in essence an allée, that utilises the tree lined open space to link spaces, with formal tree lined paths, wild flowers, bulbs and sculptures expressing seasonal change and providing vibrancy. Intrinsic to this network is an Outdoor Gallery which celebrates and supports the trail network with a series of unique and engaging public artworks. The project also embraces a large existing stormwater pond with a series of integrated experiential elements. These include jetty structures, promontories, beach areas, interpretation and directional signage, all of which offer opportunity to engage with environmental surroundings. Overall, the project creates an environment within a framework that provides visitors, tourists and workers alike with access to engaging, quality open space amenities.

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