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Auckland Council - 2016


Building on the Lake Pupuke Walkways Concept Design Report prepared by Bespoke, we were engaged for the conceptual and detailed development of the Quarry Lake Reserve. Proposed interventions for Quarry Lake Reserve consider the area’s opportunities, constraints and wider contextual connectivity, with a focus on improving experience, access, wayfinding and sense of place. The design establishes clearly defined routes between open spaces and adjacent destination facilities, and will establish a series of activated open spaces via viewing platforms, provision of sculptural elements and seating. At a high level, the proposed design aesthetic and finer grain intent takes inspiration from the quarrying process, geology and landform in an abstract manner playing off ideas of measurement, industry and associated materiality. The sensitivity of the receiving environment also warranted consideration and inclusion of enhancement planting to upgrade amenity and lake embankment transitions whilst improving existing habitat for local fauna.

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