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TSA - 2019


Bespoke were engaged by TSA to design Auranga Playspace as part of the bigger masterplan of Auranga Development in Drury, Auckland. Located adjacent to a stream and alongside the future Café and Information Centre, this neighbourhood-scale playground carries one of Auranga overall theme, ‘Feeding the People’. Grid of Ornamental Pear Trees represents an orchard offers a seasonal change of colour and feel that leads people from street to the main play area. The playground design itself follows the same tree grid and takes inspiration from Maori traditional gardening way of growing Kumara which translated into a series of mounds with play elements integrated in the landforms. Informal play opportunities like running up and down, climbing, jumping, and sliding around the mounds and rubber spheres create a different experiences for kids as a complement to the formal play elements as tunnel, banister slides, play tower, swings, music play and trampolines.

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