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Auckland Council - 2018


The design for Craigavon Park Playspace is inspired by the area’s strong association with portage or tōanga waka (canoe hauling). This is interpreted throughout the playspace, with the main footpath leading to the main play tower also expressing the traditional skids used to transport waka. A wide range of play experiences are catered for throughout the playspace with the use of traditional play equipment, including: swings, slides, a spring rocker, carousel, see-saw, climbing units and a series of exciting water play rill and channels. The main material used within the playspace is timber to tie in naturally with the surrounding landscape, with a timber tree deck incorporated around the existing pōhutukawa tree as the gathering and seating area. Also incorporated are feature bird sculptures, representing the native godwit (kuaka) migration through this area. Bespoke worked on this much-needed renewal in collaboration with Auckland Council.

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