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Hamilton City Council - 2018


Hare Puke Playspace forms a key part of Hamilton city’s ‘Playgrounds of the Future’. Located in a rapidly developing suburb, the playspace centres around a sinuous rope play experience – almost 3m tall and capable of supporting a whole crowd of children all at once. Multiple play environments are designed to flow and merge together around a central gathering space at the crossroads of two paths. Different surface materials and textures are employed to allow easy access to feature play equipment whilst contributing to the overall playspace theming. Circular zones overlap and intersect the main path network, these include: a concrete scooter trail with rollers and berm; a toddler zone with trampolines, raised mounds and colourful rubber stepping stones for spur of the moment jumping and collaborative games; a feature hexagonal social swing for older children competing to see who can swing the highest and spinning play equipment set amongst a timber stepping stump, rope and log trail.

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