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Project Kiwiana Committee - 2018


The Jim Barker Memorial Playground, located in New Zealand’s official ‘Kiwiana Town’ Ōtorohanga, celebrates kiwi identity by subtly incorporating traditional kiwiana icons throughout the playground. The project was initiated by the Project Kiwiana Committee and supported by the Barker family to provide the majority of funding for this new destination playground. A wide range of play experiences are catered for throughout, with the use of traditional play equipment, water play and more natural, unprogrammed play features such as stepping logs and log scrambles. Iconic local industry is also commemorated through two custom play elements representing an Otorohanga Transport Ltd. truck and a Strait Shipping ferry, both companies founded by Jim Barker. Further incorporated are the iconic Buzzy bee, rugby goal posts to anchor the entrance and a timber boardwalk and a flying fox through wetland plantings. The design of the playground caters for all ages and abilities.

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