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Auckland Council - 2013


Bespoke completed a comprehensive master planning study in 2011 to provide a framework for future development of the park as both a premier sports facility and destination public space. Several options were produced that dealt with the new artificial turf sport fields' orientation, as well as potential carpark expansion options to cater to the projected increase in demand. These upgrades were carefully sited to minimise the impact on the existing stream corridor, trees and ground levels. Bespoke were also engaged to design a playspace to reinforce the public park environment of William Green Domain. The design draws on the soccer and turf theme, with one half of the play area comprising an abstract 'soccer pitch' with turf mounds and pipe goals. A succession of custom designed sculptural players, coloured to indicate two teams, are strategically placed around the pitch. The playspace is organised to generate a constant flow of opportunities for both directed and inventive play throughout.

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