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Auckland Council - 2015


The Birkenhead pump track is a new typology of bike park for Auckland that seeks to create a fun and challenging space for those looking to advance their riding skills and confidence. These skills include balance, cornering, pumping, obstacle avoidance and management of speed, which are all learned through repeated actions around the loops of the track, in a relatively safe and contained environment. The position of the pump track was carefully considered to not only complement other existing uses within the park, but also to activate a formerly underutilised space and improve CPTED (crime prevention through environmental design) outcomes. Drainage has also been considered through a series of garden areas and swales. The track was designed by experienced track designer Nathan Greenwood, in conjunction with Bespoke. Also instrumental in the design process were 4Sight Consulting (Contamination Assessment and Planning) and Riley Consultants (Geotech, Civil & Structural Engineering).

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