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Auckland Council - 2013


Bespoke were engaged by Auckland Council to refine the concept design for this newly proposed motorsport park on the edge of the Manukau Harbour. The brief called for a resulting concept that fused the motorsport activities into the park in the most integrated manner and maintained the overall rural park setting. Bespoke consulted extensively with all user groups, local Iwi and other stakeholders to define their individual requirements and developed layouts that allowed the best possible combination of facilities, considering aspects such as noise, dust, infrastructural requirements, stormwater runoff and parking. It is intended that each of the individual groups has the capacity to allow and develop world class facilities. Working with the consulting engineers, the concept plan was modelled and refined in order to ensure even cut and fill volumes and practical, yet sustainable, forms of stormwater treatment. These elements were critical to the planning applications and adherence to good environmental practice.

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