Waipa District Council - 2016


Lake Ngaroto is an important peat lake and wetland, the largest of its kind in the Waipa District. Currently in poor ecological health, Waipa District Council has led the lake’s restoration project since 1995. Bespoke were engaged by Waipa District Council to produce a series of schematic concept plans to synthesise existing and proposed walkway route connections and rest stops, identify opportunities for new and existing recreational activities, locate planned vegetation restoration and investigate solutions for existing and proposed building and car parking redevelopment. Proposed interventions centre around the main lake interface off Bank Road – where the local sailing and canoeing clubs gather and where walkers start the loop trail. Key design moves here included defining the location of future buildings, pontoons and boat ramps, resolving car parking, proposing solutions that sensitively deal with existing cultural (pa site) and recreational conflicts, and suggesting locations for informal play and picnicking.