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Palmerston North City Council - 2017


Located in the heart of Victoria Esplanade, alongside the Manawatu River, Palmerston North Junior Road Safety Park will be the place to go for local families with aspiring cyclists. The project was initiated by Palmerston North City Council and Pascal St Community Trust to transform an old caretaker's property into a new destination for Palmerston North City. For this project Bespoke worked alongside Palmerston North City Council throughout the design process. The key objective of the design was to provide a safe and fun environment that resembles an actual New Zealand road, complete with miniature roads, road signs and traffic lights for the children to practise their riding skills and familiarise themselves with road safety. The additional pump track around the tree crosses the park's main road. Children will have to look out and give way to one another, providing a fun and challenging experience for the more adventurous.

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