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Auckland Council - 2014


Bespoke Landscape Architects, in conjunction with Auckland Council, completed the broad-scale master planning of a continuous coastal walkway between Whitford Village and Umupuia on the southern extent of Auckland’s eastern coastline. As part of this process we undertook a comprehensive research and analysis into the existing sections of coastal walkway, cycleway and bridle path located between Whitford Village and Umupuia. We also identified opportunities for the extension and further improvement of the path network, in order to create a continuous pedestrian and cycle movement network between Whitford Village and Umupuia / Duders Regional Park. The future development of this coastal walkway, cycleway and bridle path network will strive to improve accessibility, connectivity and amenity of this significant community public resource for a wide range of users, while identifying opportunities to celebrate the distinct sense of place and recall the unique natural, cultural and historic heritage.

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