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Auckland Trotting Club - 2018


The Alexandra Park mixed-use development forms one of the top addresses in Auckland with luxury apartments above and retail and commercial below. Bespoke were engaged to develop and document the design of the landscape spaces associated with the development. Hardscape materiality and planting typologies have been carefully considered to offer a more intimate and high-end aesthetic, whilst providing meaningful amenity for residents and visitors alike. Basalt accent pavers in alignment with Maungakiekie / One Tree Hill express the volcanic history of the surrounding area within the main plaza. This plaza is envisaged to be a safe, multi-functional and engaging space. There are two main accessways within the development. The first, East Gate, is the main entrance into the development. Here simple plantings and a strong linear rhythm of palm trees accentuate the area. The second, High Street East, is the main street adjacent to most of the retail spaces. Here a vibrant planting palette has been proposed that will deliver a dynamic space for users.

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