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Coronation Road Holdings Ltd - 2017


The Coronation Road development project has an innovative and design led approach, which places a significant focus on communities, reinforced around their activities, their relationships to the landscape and their relationships with one another.
There are 5 notable features within the Stage 1 development at Coronation road. These include: the Entry Plaza/Crescent, Shared Space access roads, North/South green, Residential/Park Interface and the Community Gardens. This configuration of Tanners Road formalises the entrance into the development. Trees and simple planting that includes hedges and native shrubs accentuate the area, whilst varying surface materials begin to illustrate the palette and overall design integrity of the development. The shared space access roads encourage a positive shift away from the typical vehicle dominated access ways and offer an alternative from the prevalence of the rear lane concept commonly associated with terrace housing developments. The widths of the roads are minimised wherever possible and envisage use as both play and practical spaces.

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