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G.J. Gardner - 2017


Bespoke were engaged to develop a cohesive design for G.J. Gardner's North Estate integrated subdivision development in Wellsford. Overall, 80 residential lots, 2 parks and a stormwater management reserve will be constructed. Bespoke prepared developed concept and planting plans communicating street tree rhythm and character, as well as typical road and public open space cross sections to articulate the range of landscape conditions across the site. Two community parks provide a range of flexible open spaces and gathering spaces for families. These have been positioned in prominent locations within the development, with clear sight lines afforded from adjacent roads, pedestrian routes and dwellings. A series of terraced seating elements situated along a planted batter slope provide a fun, relaxed way for neighbours to gather and watch informal sports taking place on the flat Community Green. Timber climbing poles and natural grass mounds within the Natural Play Area provide an easily maintainable, sculptural and intuitive play experience.

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