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Private Client - 2017


Bespoke were engaged to design the landscape spaces associated with a medium-density housing development in North West, Auckland. Key areas of the landscape development include open spaces, pocket parks, streetscape design, and individual unit design. Providing a strong sense of place, developing positive public-private relationships and creating accessible and meaningful amenity spaces were a focus in Bespoke's design approach. These early goals provided a framework for thoughtful design outcomes and a range of synchronised landscape spaces to serve the needs of the new community. The two main open spaces respond to contextual nuances and look to diversify programmatic intent. Pocket parks take thematic threads from the larger open spaces and maximise amenity in a compact arrangement, whilst the streetscape became an opportunity to reinforce character through planting and paving motifs. For individual unit design, utilising amenity species from the public plant palette creates a sense of continuity and a blending of public-private realms.

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