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Neil Group - 2017


In collaboration with Gel Architects, Bespoke were engaged by Neil Group to design the landscape features for a medium density housing development in Hobsonville, Auckland. Bespoke provided landscape proposals for the laneway streetscape, a centralised pocket park, and individual units. Immediate context was an important driver in Bespoke’s design response for Scott Point Terrace Houses. Understanding that the northern frontage of the housing development will have direct adjacency to a future public park greatly influenced thinking and approach to rear-unit interfaces, planting, and potential linkages. Bespoke considered the transformation the pocket park’s use over time and worked to facilitate its eventual development into a link to the future public park in its design. Additionally, the laneway streetscape looked to provide a formality and cue to the private residential realm. Materiality and planting offered a more intimate laneway aesthetic, distinctive from adjacent public features and finishes.

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