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Sonn Group - ongoing


Bespoke were initially engaged by Sonn Group to prepare a landscape masterplan that was extended to include conceptual development of initial super lots and implementation of landscape areas. The historic horticultural landscape and associated industry was influential in early growth of the Westgate area and established historic character, prior to transition to different landscape typologies, in response to population growth. In recognition of this and roles in early prosperity and wellbeing, concepts are inspired by historic land use and loosely based on iconic productive ‘working landscape’ themes. These include abstract interpretations of land use patterns, iconic features and plant selections that reinforce character and function of streets and laneways. Open space provision responds to anticipated user groups with seven unique zones providing varied experiences and opportunities for socialisation. A proposed sculpture trail threads its way through open spaces, providing visual interest, whilst offering play and exercise opportunities to support community spirit and wellbeing. 

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