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Todd Property Ltd - 2014


Bespoke were engaged by Todd Property to undertake developed design and construction documentation for Sentinel Park at the Long Bay Development, Auckland. Master planned by Surface Design inc. the design of the park seeks to emphasise the prominent location and accentuate the commanding wide urban and sea views, connecting people with the wider regional landscape. A strong sculptural element within the park features a large grass battered earth form that appears to rise out of the pavement. This earth form provides a flat top promenade that can be walked around and offers gently sloping banks, perhaps for relaxation or play. At the centre of the ‘crater’ there is a smaller mound that sits directly on the axis between Rangitoto and the Hauraki Gulf. The strong elliptical shape of the earth form is mimicked in the tree pits planted with pōhutukawa. These provide a good shade aspect, strong native links and vibrant ephemeral colour. Steep banks are transformed into a series of terraces to soften the grade, incorporate elements of informal seating and provide active connections with Beach Road.

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