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Rotorua Lakes Council - 2018


As part of Rotorua’s inner City Revitalisation Strategy and a shared vision between Rotorua Lakes Council and DHB, Te Aka Mauri provides an integrated, resilient, vibrant and meaningful hub of activity for the local community and visitors that provides the necessary environment to facilitate social interaction and exchange. The project responds to the needs of children, whanau and communities by providing services that focus on the integration of health, library and children’s services. It includes refurbishment of the existing library by Creative Spaces, the development of a shared space street environment, linear park, a new playground and a range of supporting open space areas. Developed in close consultation with key stakeholders, the open space design builds on anticipated social synergies and provides strong connections between key destinations, existing visitor information facility, and transport network. Narratives intrinsic to social wellbeing and local context are fundamental to the creation and success of this iconic and innovative project.

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