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Rotorua Lakes Council - 2017


Bespoke were invited by Rotorua Lakes Council to consider a redesign of the urban environment in and around the existing City Focus area of the Rotorua CBD. Following an extensive public consultation process, our design was selected as the preferred option and approved for further development. The design’s conceptual and spatial development is driven by a strong cultural narrative and overriding philosophy that formed the basis of establishing a sense of place and identity, as well as providing for a range of high quality urban outcomes in tandem with resolving issues that limit the space from achieving its full potential. Functionally, this centred on the resolution of the existing traffic circulation to enable the creation of better quality public open space, with improved connectivity, pedestrian flow, relationships with retail frontages and opportunities for social interaction.  The space puts people and associated social activities at the forefront.  A place people gravitate towards and socialise positively within, in the process generating improved commercial outcomes.

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