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Auckland Council - 2016


The redevelopment of the Point Chevalier Town Square represents the much-needed transformation of a pivotal public open space within the surrounding urban setting. The space serves a key civic function, anchoring the western end of the town centre at its intersection with Great North and Point Chevalier Roads. It is also the forecourt for the local library, an active retail frontage, a place for community events and a common meeting and pause point for people. In the re-design of the space we sought to create a more flexible and open environment that not only felt more comfortable to spend time within but also provided for a greater sense of safety and sense of place. Inherent to this are the underlying themes of geology and geographical situation that are particular to this area of Auckland, and shaped by the history of occupation, settlement and recreation in Point Chevalier. Our partners in developing this design-build project for Auckland Council were HEB and Aecom.

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