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Rotorua Lakes Council - 2016


As part of Rotorua’s inner City Revitalisation Strategy, Bespoke were invited by Rotorua Lakes Council to consider a redesign of the urban environment in and around the existing central business area, library, isite and connecting streets. The overall vision included extensive consultation and focused on the design and integration of three key spaces within the CBD: Te Aka Mauri, Te Manawa, and Haupapa and Tutanekai Street Connections. All designs are driven by a strong cultural narrative and overriding contextual philosophy. The completed Jean Batten Square is set to provide an integrated, resilient, vibrant and meaningful hub of activity for the local community and visitors that facilitates social interaction and exchange. Street Connections and the redevelopment of Te Manawa initiate a shift in current public perception, proposals of Tutanekai Street accommodate the future expansion of night and farmers markets, and all provide improved identity, design unity and functionality.

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