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Auckland Council - 2015


The Uxbridge Arts & Cultural Centre (UACC) building redevelopment and associated works are situated sympathetically within the existing site, retaining key natural heritage elements of the public open space, including a significant pōhutukawa tree and a stand of remnant native bush which runs along the south-eastern extent of the site. Dedicated and convenient pedestrian linkages to the adjacent facilities have been strengthened, to ensure that the UACC is well connected to its surrounding urban fabric. The arrival courtyard and café terrace will form a strong physical and visual link to the Uxbridge Road streetscape, providing a generous and legible pedestrian entrance to the Uxbridge Arts and Cultural Centre building. Both the existing retaining and free-standing stone wall structures located on the Uxbridge Road street boundary have been substantially retained and incorporated into the proposed site plan, in recognition of their heritage and amenity values.

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