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Hamilton City Council - 2018


Located on a grassy knoll at the corner of two residential roads, the playspace takes its cue from the surrounding area’s natural and cultural heritage with a new meandering path loop and feature net play piece intended to evoke the hinaki (eel baskets) that were laid in local watercourses. As a ‘little sister’ to Hare Puke Playspace, Bespoke’s design uses similar circular and flowing forms, colours and textures to construct the setting for a wide range of proprietary and custom play elements including a geodesic net, feature mound and slide, swings, bucket spinners, rope and timber balancing trail. Kids will also be able to scooter around the purpose-built berms and rollers. A mixture of shade solutions will be provided for at key locations, with a shade sail to be incorporated over the durable stainless steel embankment slide and specimen shade trees dotted around the perimeter of the play area.

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